This site is not associated with any martial arts studio. but if Are you interested in BOOT CAMP, MIXED Martial arts, krav maga, self defense, jiu-jitsu or kick boxing.

maybe just fitness or discipline. before you pick a studio, there are certain things you need to know about the mixed martial arts business here in colorado. avoid getting stuck in a financial obligation that can ruin your wallet. this is the best consumer advice you will find on the web when it comes to martial arts. look for other schools, that are honest  AND NEVER USE YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT!

Read more on this site about dirty secrets that you would have never imagined these studios have. This site contains information cause we lost money dealing with a studio called Competitive Edge Mixed Martial Arts in Highlands Ranch, CO


Look elsewhere


quality over money

Is there a contract?

Is there a catch?

You bet there is!

You can find quality martial arts elsewhere. Start with your rec center.

If you wish to bail, they will use scare tactics. But don't let that deter you. 

Studios sell your contract as a debt to another financial institution.